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Splash into Fun with our Parent and Child
Swimming Lessons

Our Parent & Child class help students develop water accommodation skills and improves positive attitude towards swimming and water safety

Location: Kodiak, Havergal

Duration: 30 minutes

Price & Date: Schedules

In the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, Frank’s Swim School has been introducing babies ages 4 months and older to an aquatic environment since 1968!


Taught by our experienced staff schooled in teaching babies, toddlers, and young children swimming lessons, we focus on creating a positive and comfortable atmosphere to develop water accommodation skills, while taking into account the individual needs of both child and parent.


Kodiak Pool
(For babies between 4 and 24 months)


  • Saturday:
    4:15pm - 4:45pm
    4:45pm - 5:15pm

Havergal Pool
(For kids between age 2 and 4)


  • Sunday:
    3:30pm - 4:00pm

Bond with your Infant at our Indoor Baby Swimming Pool

Our parent and child indoor swimming classes are held at our Kodiak Specialty Teaching Pool in North York, as well as at Havergal College providing a unique experience that strengthens the bond between child and parent in a safe and protective environment. 


These classes are 30 minutes long and held on Saturdays and Sundays, with a maximum of six pairs per swimming class.

You and your toddler will gain and leave the program with the following knowledge:


  • How to properly hold and engage with your baby in the water

  • Water safety and basic swim skills for parents and babies

  • How to make your infant feel at home in the water

  • And more.


Working on breath control, buoyancy, and movement skills to develop an essential foundation for your child's swimming experiences. These classes promote water safety and a natural enthusiasm for swimming, a genuinely beneficial life skill for their future aquatic outings.

Our comprehensive teaching approach encompasses various skills, starting with an introduction to the aquatic environment. This approach places a strong emphasis on water safety, skill development, and nurturing a positive attitude towards swimming.

  • When and where is the Parent & Child program?
    We offer this program in two locations during fall, winter and spring*:  Saturdays at Kodiak (Babies 4-24 months) 4:15pm-4:45pm / 4:45pm-5:15pm  Sundays at Havergal (Children 2-4 years) 3:30pm-4:00pm *The program is exclusively available at Kodiak durign the summer.
  • What is the price and where can I find the schedule?
    Please refer to the corresponding session schedule.
  • At what age my baby can start swimming?
    The Parent & Child program is aimed at children between 4 months and 4 years. We run classes for children 4 months to 24 months at our Kodiak location, and 2 years to 4 years at our Havergal location.
  • What do I have to bring for the lesson?
    Bathing suit, and a towel. Please ensure your baby is properly wearing a swim diaper for each lesson.
  • By the end of the session, will my baby be comfortable putting their face in the water?
    Every baby has unique individual reactions and for that reason, we use an individual approach with each child with the goal of them always moving towards face in the water and submersion then progressing to buoyancy on the front and back, and starting on basics movement skills.  Learn more about our Beginner Program.
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