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Parent & Tot

Babies 4 – 24 months old 

Kodiak - Specialty Teaching Pool

30-minute class



4:15pm - 4:45pm

4:45pm - 5:15pm

​Maximum 6 pairs in each class

Cost: Depending on the number of classes in the session.

12 classes $372, 11 - $341, 10 - $310, 9 - $279, 8 - $248.



This program introduces your baby to an aquatic environment.

Our experienced staff strive to develop a positive and comfortable aquatic atmosphere while tending to the individual needs of both baby and parent. We focus on water safety and basic swim skills. We teach the parents how to properly hold and engage their baby in the water. We work towards breath control buoyancy and movement skills.

These classes are a fantastic way to ensure your child has a base understanding of safety and positive attitude towards swim.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer makeup classes for Parent & Tot Classes

Note: We recommend keeping a child in the Parent and Tot program until age 2; However some circumstances may warrant a slightly older child to take part in this class

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